Technology Committee

The Tech Committee of the Democratic Party of Denver manages the strategy, deployment and maintainance of the technologies and related services used by the party.  The Tech Committee is chaired by the Captain at Large, and is currently divided into several subteams including Application Development, Website and Tools, System Administration, Voter File (VAN) team, Data Management and Communications Strategy. Each subteam has a lead manager and several volunteers who donate their time and services to the various tech projects and initiatives.

If you have IT skills and would like to get involved, email to get more information. Alternatively, contact the Captain in your house district and inquire about volunteering with the technology efforts in your neighborhood that are coordinated by the Tech Committee.

Tech Committee Mission

The Denver Democratic Party uses innovative technology and approaches to support and improve political and administrative activities across the party.  Become one of the most effective county parties in the use of technology in the United States.

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