Diversity and Outreach Committee

The Diversity and Outreach Committee oversees outreach efforts to organizations beyond the Democratic Party of Denver. The committee will work with house districts to do outreach to neighborhood organizations and other community engagement groups. The committee provides visibility and outreach opportunities to house districts in an effort to encourage participation in community events (such as Pridefest, City Park Black Arts Festival, the Capitol Hill People's Fair, etc). The committee promotes and advocates language access for website, policies, issues and campaign literature. The committee seeks to identify, support and promote the development of future diverse Party leaders. It helps advertise, and fill leadership positions within House Districts and public offices. It also holds the Denver Democrats leadership team accountable for our platform and inclusivity initiatives and commitment to diversity.

Diversity and Outreach Committee Mission

The Democratic Party of Denver Diversity and Outreach Committee seeks to inspire, educate, activate, empower, recruit, and elect advocates and residents from the diverse and traditionally disenfranchised communities of Denver, and to advance the political strength of these communities and their future Democratic Candidates.