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How do I become a member?

Joining the Century Club requires an annual investment of one of the following membership levels:

~  Century Club: $100 per individual 
Victory Club: $500 includes member + guest to:
       *Bid for Blue ($20)
       *Annual Picnic ($20)
       *Edward M. Kennedy Dinner ($200)
~  Millennium Club: $1,000 includes all of the above and MORE (just ask!) 

Our goal for 2013 is to achieve a standing membership of 500 members, which should be EASY given all of the Democrats who live in Denver! 

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What is the Century Club?

If you are a registered Democrat and live in Denver, you are already a Denver Democrat.  But do you ever wonder how we spread the word about great candidates and progressive ideals?  Or who takes care of securing your annual caucus sites and hosting other membership meetings required by law?  The Democratic Party of Denver exists solely on the generosity and assistance of our members, and the Century Club represents a core group of devoted Democrats who support us on an annual basis by contributing at least $100 or more per year. Couples who live together can become members for only $180.

Denver is essential to a Democratic Colorado, and high Democratic turnout in Denver made for successful 2008, 2010 and 2012 elections. Our hard work put President Barack Obama in the White House - TWICE!  Turned and kept our U.S. Senate delegation Blue, and just brought back Democratic majorities in both Colorado House and Senate. Now let's keep it that way!

Stay involved in one of four core ways: volunteering, outreach, participation, and donating.

As a vital institution within the Denver Democratic Party, the Century Club helps:

  • Provide a forum for new and existing party voices 
  • Create a place to advance upcoming leaders 
  • Support local district and neighborhood activities to build Democratic communities 
  • Maintain the infrastructure and provide a base of operations in Denver 
  • Run “Get-Out-The-Vote” campaigns with the goal of keeping Colorado blue.

Why Join?

As a member of the Century Club, you will receive advanced notice and special invitations to exclusive Democratic events.  Past benefits have included:

  • Intimate events with Democratic leaders, both local and national 
  • Presentations from national pollsters 
  • Private tours of important parts of Denver’s history and future

Questions?  Want to help recruit?  Contact Roger Armstrong, Century Club Chair.  Have an event idea?  Contact Steve Lawrence, our Century Club Events Chair.

Click here to join or renew online, or download the below form and mail, fax or deliver to:

The Democratic Party of Denver
574 S. Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80209
Fax: 303.830.2486

THANK YOU for all you do.

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