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Denver has elected lots of great Democrats over the years. In 2004, the Democrats won control of the Colorado House of Representative and Colorado Senate for the first time in decades and took over the U.S. Senate seat by electing Ken Salazar. In 2006, we extended Democratic gains to the Governor's Mansion by electing a Democratic Governor, Lt. Governor, and Treasurer.  In 2008, we worked hard to maintain our local seats, took over the other Colorado U.S. Senate seat by electing Mark Udall, and won back the White House electing  Barack Obama as our President. We encourage everyone to get involved to help keep Colorado blue. We're always in need of more great Democratic candidates. Use the links below to view Denver's Democrats and statewide party leaders.

City Elected Officials

Denver School Board

RTD Board

State Elected Officials

State House of Representatives

State Senate

US Congress

Denver Democratic Party Officers