Precinct Committee Person Handbook

Democratic Party of Denver

Click here to download the Democratic Party of Denver's Precinct Committee Person (PCP) Handbook.

PCPs are the people who make up the grassroots of the Democratic Party of Denver. There are two PCP’s for every precinct.

This is a wonderful place for someone who is new to the Party to get their feet wet. PCPs are responsible for helping with all campaign activity in their precincts.

What’s a precinct? It is the smallest unit into which the state is divided for voting/tracking purposes. It is based on voter registration. Each precinct is roughly (ideally) 1500 or so registered voters. Some are more some are less due to population shifts around the City. Establishing precinct sizes and boundaries is a function of the County Clerk.

How often are precincts re-distributed? There is no set limit on how often this can be done. For practicality’s sake it is usually only done shortly after reapportionment, and was just done in early 2012. However, if a precinct suddenly becomes very over-populated due to new development, the County Clerk can decide to go ahead and divide that precinct into multiple precincts.

Find out what precinct, or any district, that you are in right HERE


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