Party Resources

Please find a list of resources below.

Tracking Bills in the General Assembly

Bills in the current and past sessions of the legislature can easily be tracked at either of the two websites listed below. The most user-friendly way to find and track bills initially is through the Colorado Capitol Watch website. 

Denver Election Results by Precinct


For Certified Denver Election Division General Election Results organized by Precinct, click HERE.

For vote summaries State and Nationwide, click HERE

2012 High School Voter Registration Drive

Precinct Committee Person Handbook

Click here to download the Democratic Party of Denver's Precinct Committee Person (PCP) Handbook.

PCPs are the people who make up the grassroots of the Democratic Party of Denver. There are two PCP’s for every precinct.

A Year in the Life of a PCP


Click HERE for the newly revised, printable PCP Handbook (3/2012), or download a quick Timeline showing the life of a precinct committee person from his or her election at caucus for two years, through the following caucus.


Please use the following forms whenever possible for reimbursement requests, subdistrict expenses or deposits, in-kind donations, etc.  Either FAX to Ed Hall's attention at 303.830.2486, or send via EMAIL to  Thank you.