EMK Dinner Keynote Speaker, Congresswoman Gabbard (HI) at the Downtown Denver Marriott on 10/17/15


What: The DPoD Annual Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) dinner

Who: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI) is our keynote speaker

When: Saturday 10/17/2015 Auction at 5:30 and Dinner at 7:

Where: Downtown Denver Marriott - City Center

Get to Know Congresswoman Gabbard (HI)

Tulsi Gabbard.jpg

We are honored and pleased to have Tulsi Gabbard as our keynote speaker at the 2015 Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) dinner!

Here is some more information about Congresswoman Gabbard and all of her exemplary achievements!

General Assembly 2015 - Limited Successes

President Barack Obama

January 21, 2013 - what a day.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) - talking points about rollout

 Good Product, Bad Website

Government Shutdowns over Kennedy's Dream


State Level Policy Priorities - 2014

The Public Policy Committee recommends the following priorities for the 2014 session of the state legislature.  Feedback is invited from all Denver County Democrats, through their House district representatives on the Public Policy Committee, or directly to the Chair (


Thank You Democratic Legislators…or, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!!


A big thank you is due our Democratic legislators for their tremendous accomplishments on our behalf in the recently concluded 69th Session of the Colorado General Assembly.  Our folks passed probably the most progressive, meaningful slate of legislation our state has ever seen – from civil unions, a big step toward equality for all Coloradans, to the ASSET bill which gives undocumented Colorado kids the same college tuition rate as other Colorado students, to gun safety legislation that is important, sensible and long overdue. 


We have been well served by our Dems under the dome (click here for more successes).  On behalf of the Democratic Party of Denver I offer wholehearted thanks to Senate President John Morse and Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino for leading this outstanding effort, and to all our Democratic legislators for stepping up and legislating so effectively for the people of Colorado.



 It is astounding that climate change continues to be controversial.  It almost appears that our nation’s collective intellect is regressing instead of progressing.  That being said, the fact of the

Sequestration and Jobs

Why Sequestration austerity will not workSequestration literally means to hold in custody, to set apart, or to segregate.  So what are we to make of the “sequestration” of our federal tax dollars?  Because that is exactly what congress has done.  They&rsq