Working Committees (use links above to visit each Committee Page)

Diversity and Outreach Committee

The Diversity and Outreach Committee oversees outreach efforts to organizations beyond the Democratic Party of Denver. The committee will work with house districts to do outreach to neighborhood organizations and other community engagement groups. The committee provides visibility and outreach opportunities to house districts in an effort to encourage participation in community events (such as Pridefest, City Park Black Arts Festival, the Capitol Hill People's Fair, etc). The committee promotes and advocates language access for website, policies, issues and campaign literature. The committee seeks to identify, support and promote the development of future diverse Party leaders. It helps advertise, and fill leadership positions within House Districts and public offices. It also holds the Denver Democrats leadership team accountable for our platform and inclusivity initiatives and commitment to diversity.


Energy & Environment in the General Assembly, April 8-12

Fund Raising and Events Committee

The Fund Raising Committee of the Democratic Party of Denver ("DPOD") is a top-notch team, ideally consisting of someone from each house sub-district, that makes sure we raise the amount of money we need to run an effective County Party. We do not receive money from the national Democratic party (DNC), or the state Democratic party (CDP), and with the exception of one paid, part-time Director of Operations, everything is done by volunteers.   Read more.... 

DPOD is tasked each year with organizing and facilitating important grass roots activities such as the semi-annual caucus, county convention and assembly, and at least two party organizational meetings per year. We are also required to hold vacancy elections if any of our Denver legislators or elected officials answer a call to Washington D.C., or otherwise resign. Additionally, we hold monthly executive meetings to promote leadership, diversity, outreach, volunteer, and community service activities, and we plan phone banks and canvasses throughout the year to register new Democrats and get them to the polls for primaries and annual elections. Finally, we host fun, informative and relevant social events from our annual picnic and annual Edward M. Kennedy Dinner, to special Century Club members-only events that inform, entertain, and keep our Democratic platform alive.

So what does DPOD do that costs money?

In addition to very reasonable monthly rent and utilities we pay for our headquarters, it costs dollars to secure the facilities necessary to hold 344 precinct caucuses, convention / assembly space for 3000+ attendees, bi-annual central committee meetings for 700-1000 members, and smaller locations for vacancy elections, executive committee meetings, and other important meetings that might not fit in our headquarters. We also pay for printing and mailing costs to inform our constituents of each of these meetings, and we try to provide printed position statements to the 80,000+ Democratic households in Denver each election year. Finally, we pay for phone lines, computers, equipment, our website and email services, all necessary to keep our Denver constituents informed, educated and ready to act on local and national Democratic news and activities.

If you have a special talent for dialing for dollars, event planning, or finding creative ways to incorporate a painless money ask into almost everything we do, or if you just want to gain experience and learn how to do all of the above, please consider joining the team. Email for more information.


Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Committee

The GOTV (Get Out the Vote) committee is comprised of the GOTV Captain at Large and representatives from each house subdistrict. Anyone who is interested in helping out is also welcome to join. We will work with sub-district captains and district GOTV coordinators to make a plan for each district that will inform and turn out Democratic voters. Special meetings will be held as needed to discuss strategy for canvassing and calling our neighbors.

Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee oversees development of leaders in the Democratic Party of Denver as well as provides training for future leaders. The Committee holds training seminars and courses of instruction for County, House District, and Precinct Level leaders to ensure leaders know they job descriptions and have tools to use to accomplish their duties.

Technology Committee

The Tech Committee of the Democratic Party of Denver manages the strategy, deployment and maintainance of the technologies and related services used by the party.  The Tech Committee is chaired by the Captain at Large, and is currently divided into several subteams including Application Development, Website and Tools, System Administration, Voter File (VAN) team, Data Management and Communications Strategy. Each subteam has a lead manager and several volunteers who donate their time and services to the various tech projects and initiatives.

If you have IT skills and would like to get involved, email to get more information. Alternatively, contact the Captain in your house district and inquire about volunteering with the technology efforts in your neighborhood that are coordinated by the Tech Committee.

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee oversees volunteer recruitment and placement within the Democratic Party of Denver to fill positions and assist with other activities as needed. Each house district and each other committee should have a first contact Volunteer Point Person, to ensure people are informed of house district meetings, events and finding ways to bring new people into the leadership roles.  Ideally that person would also be a VAN point person, to assist the committee with utilizing our Voter Action Network, to pull walk and call lists and generally track and manage volunteers.