United States Congress

Things That are Forbidden in the United States Congress

The powers that the United States Congress carry are implemented by the Constitution of the United States. The constitution is defined by the rulings in the supreme court and has its very own efforts that include things history and custom. The powers given to the United States Congress is defined by the constitution and are called enumerated powers. This affects all US citizens and US-based businesses.

General powers

Constitutional amendments have granted the Congress some powers which are explicitly mentioned in section 8 as they have the right practice to enumerated powers. They also have some power over the implied powers, which is derived from ‘Necessary and proper clause’ of the constitution.  The congress has the authority over the financial and budgetary matters which gives it the power to collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises. Also, this is extended in the sixteen amendments which have extended its power of taxation to include the income taxes. The constitution also allows congress to extender the power of taxation and can have the power to have access to appropriate funds.

General powers

The constitution has given congress the right to play an important role in national defence. This includes the power to declare war which allows one to raise and maintain the armed forces. There are many people who believe that with an additional branch in the national congress, one can make use of the power much better for the benefit of the state. Congress also has established its power when it comes to posting offices and post roads.

Enumerated powers

There are many powers which are specifically given to congress Article 1 Section 8, which allows one to lay and collect taxes, duties and imports, etc. This is one of the most common issues which can allow you to have general welfare which is uniform throughout the United States. They also allow you to borrow money on credit of the United States; they can help regulate with the foreign exchanges which is native to the American Tribes, They can also promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing the limited times to the authors which can be respective writings and discoveries. They can also define punish piracies and felonies which is committed on high seas.

There are other constitutional powers that they have been granted and which is confirmed by the constitution. The thirteen, fourteen, fifteenth amendment which enforces the right authority,  forces for all of the citizens, regardless of the race, ethnicity, due process and equal opportunities under the law.

Implied powers

Congress has implied powers which allows them to make all laws necessary which needs to carried out without having the right necessary and proper for carrying and executive of foreign powers which is vested in the Constitution of the government.